Friday, July 9, 2010


My little man grew out of all of his nightgowns and sleep sacks when he was only 5 months old (3-9 months my eye!), so I had been trying to find new pajamas, but everything in the stores was made of the thinnest material possible and was all shorts and short-sleeved shirt sets. I wanted something that would keep him warm enough at night since he can't sleep with a blanket. After searching several stores, I decided I would just make him some pajamas so they actually fit and would be warm enough, not to mention cuter than what's readily available.

My work in progress. I used the pattern pieces from Sew Baby! Easy to sew baby layette for the shirt and pants and. I used a lightweight flannel in this cute jungle baby print that I got from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Even my little guy looks surprised that I finished his jammies in a single afternoon.

Until very recently, I rarely sewed and I had never made a shirt or pants of any kind, but I have to say that for my first attempt they turned out looking pretty good. I love his new little man jammies!

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