Saturday, July 17, 2010

Double-duty: pacificer/toy clip

If you have a baby that uses a pacifier, you probably have a pacifier clip. I wanted a clip that I could also use with toys so I don't have to worry about my little guy dropping something while we're out. I often use the little plastic links to clip a toy to the grocery cart but my little guy can rip those off in a heartbeat now.

I bought this pacifier clip by Munchkin for around $5 at Target. I was desperate; we had just lost a clip and the pacifier attached to it. I don't want to own a mountain of pacifiers so I can't afford to lose one of the three we have. Our original clip had a little plastic clothespin-like attachment that my little guy learned to pull off the day we got it with what I affectionately call his monster paws. He gets those from his father. (What are monster paws, you ask? That's what I call my husband's hands. He doesn't seem to realize how strong he is and he is frequently breaking, bending, or otherwise ruining objects in the most bizarre fashion. Like breaking a glass while holding it, ripping a shoelace in half while tying his shoes, bending a teaspoon while eating cereal. I know, it's weird.) Now don't get me wrong, I'm happy with this clip but it has two drawbacks: 1) it's ridiculously over-priced, and 2) it isn't large enough to hold a toy. I could have added extra Velcro to this one to extend it's size but we needed a second one anyway so I can wash the first when it's good and grubby.

Here are my materials, minus the thread. The suspender clips cost $1 apiece (I got mine at Hobby Lobby), the Velcro is only a few cents for the bit that I used, and the entire spool of ribbon was about $3. The completed clip cost me about $1.50 instead of $5.

I used 12" of ribbon for my clip. I folded each end over 1/4" twice and then pinned it in place before sewing.

I made sure to leave enough room when wrapping the end around the suspender clip so that I could sew it down without the clip getting caught in my machine.

I attached the loop part of my Velcro to the other end of my ribbon. I like this particular Velcro because it has a sticky back that holds it in place while you sew it without the use of pins. After trying the ribbon around some of the toys I might want to attach it too, I added enough of the hook part of the Velcro to make a secure closure.

On the smallest setting, it works for the pacifier.

But it can also be attached to a teether.

Or it can be attached to a toy.

It even fits around a big toy. This was a super quick and easy project. The suspender clips stay securely attached to my little guy's clothing and even his monster paws can't pull them off, yet.

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