Sunday, May 23, 2010

Frozen Fun

Have you seen these little mesh self-feeders? I love this thing. My son loves this thing. You've heard the saying, "A happy wife makes a happy life." It might be even more accurate to say that when the baby's happy, we're all happy, but baby doesn't rhyme with life.

Since my little guy started teething he has loved this snappy little baby product even more. The little teethers you can freeze just aren't his thing. But stuff a few frozen banana slices in here and he's in heaven. Though he's just six and a half months old he fancies himself a big boy so he wants to feed himself at every opportunity.
I started off freezing two bananas just to put into the feeder but soon realized I love eating the frozen banana slices too. They're like tiny bites of banana ice cream without any of the bad stuff. I have a crazy sweet tooth so it's great to have something healthy on hand that totally satisfies it. I've since frozen a few more bananas (just 6-7 lbs more) so I can share some with the baby. I've also frozen chunks of roasted sweet potato to put into the feeder. My little guy loves them; they numb his aching gums and fill his little tummy.

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Blog said...

Oh Dagny the T-shirt is so cute!! Can't believe you have the patience to sew with knit fabric. Remember when I was young all the T's I made for myself,my brothers,friends etc- but to do it on a small scale arrrrrrgh. The little robot guy adds a lot of pizazzz, like the size and placement of it/him!
Flowers are great too, those shoes look wonderful.Nice to see the sweater job. I have been thinking about ideas for remixing used clothing with new things or pieces of one added to another, so was good to see the new with the newer. Such talent you all have :))) enjoyed see all the pics and reading the bits-n-pieces of family life on the blog. Nice way to keep up with you. auntie g