Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

After weeks of toiling we finally finished our family Halloween costumes just in time to go to an awesome Halloween party Friday night. It's very weird to think that last year my little guy was a part of my costume (in my belly) and that I looked like this:

I was the Earth and the Moon. I had the night view of the Earth on my back.
My husband made my moon out of a big block of Styrofoam. (This was exactly one week before I went into labor.)

This year my little guy got his own awesome costume.

My little baby dragon in action.

I dressed as a knight.

My husband dressed as the castle I was defending from our baby dragon.

The drawbridge really worked.
Damage from the dragon.
I have always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween but it's even more fun now that we have a baby in our lives. I love that I can continue my family tradition of making homemade and unique costumes with my son. I never thought to ask my husband how he felt about making costumes before we got married, since it's not like it would be a deal breaker if he had said no. But, I am super glad that he likes the challenge of making a fabulous homemade costume too and that he has so many wonderful ideas.


Soffy said...

Wow, you have very good costumes! Great idea :)

Maggie said...

These costumes are awesome! I love them all (did you make Finn's dragon outfit?), but your earth-moon costume is my personal favorite. You gotta see it in profile, right?